Areopagitica, LLC is a privately held for-profit and for-social-good company dedicated to pursuing truth and engaging community through the creative use of convergent media platforms.


We first do this by informing the public on the issues we cover which helps to hold officials accountable to the people, thus fulfilling the fundamental role of the press in a free and fair society.

We seek truth.

Second we empower people to make progress in improving the quality of life surrounding such issues by developing informative, entertaining and connecting media productions where people can gather and collaborate with their ideals and ideas.


Areopagitica’s Core Values are statements of what works best for us in the real world.

Integrity– We adhere to ethical standards, providing timely, objective news and content which are meaningful and relevant to our audience.
Respect– We respect all people, value the differences among us as opportunities for us to learn and to realize the strength which can be achieved within a community when we seek to coexist and to cooperate.
Achievement – We evaluate performance against set objectives which are clearly communicated to all.
Excellence – We strive constantly to improve in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our audience, our staff, and our vendors.
Profit – We seek to be profitable so that we can continue to do the good that we do in a manner which is economically sustainable for all those who make it happen and so that we can grow and provide additional opportunities to fulfill our overall mission.


Areopagitica seeks to practice sustainable stewardship in all operations and to influence sustainable practices through responsible sourcing of vendor services. It is our policy to:
Reduce the use of paper as much as possible, relying on virtual documentation for reports, plans, notes.
Recycle equpipment such as by donating computers & electronics to organizations which recycle and refurbish devices. Make use of solar energy with our devices.Purchase products with a lower impact on the environment. Avoid unnecessary travel, and utilize more efficient means of travel.

Areopagitica seeks a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our workers which includes how we treat our workers in compensation, benefits, training and ongoing educational and career development opportunities. We base our rewards on results and we promote based on demonstrated ability. We work on improving the overall work environment through communication, job flexibility, workplace culture, and health and safety practices. We strive for a workplace which recognizes and embraces the value of a diverse workforce.

As a media industry leader, Areopagitica continuously seeks new ways to achieve our purpose, mission, values and vision by focusing on the key objective of informing the public so that the public can make informed choices. We are committed to providing information which is relevant, meaningful and engaging for our audiences.

Areopagitica seeks to support local suppliers of servcies and products whenever feasible in the fulfillment of operations. It is our intention to create highly valued and sought jobs as part of our contribution to our community. We celebrate diversity in the community and we seek to foster a inclusive work environment. We are committed to civic engagement and giving to support local community endeavors which are aligned with our purpose, mission, values and vision.

Areopagitica seeks to operate and be viewed as a journalistically, socially, environmentally, and economically responsible company. We practice transparency and accountability to our stakeholders including disclosure of our privacy policy, terms of serve and other policies. We seek feedback and suggestions from all of our stakeholders to be applied to the continuous pursuit of excellence in all that we do.